The most desired brands by the Brazilian consumer. Leader Brands. If you are not an Alpar customer, please contact us.

We operate in the business of shoes, clothing and sporting goods since 1997

Working with leading brands of the world market.

Market leader

With emphasis on the business of footwear, clothing, equipment and sandals we have become market leaders.


With two strategic distribution centers, we serve the entire national territory.


Commercial team specialized in products, technology and service.


Headquartered in Rio Grande do Sul, we have two branches in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


We have cutting-edge technologies for management systems, sales, logistics, photography and web.


Our departments are at your disposal through our service channels.

Working with major brands

Today we are the largest operator of leading brands in Brazil. Therefore, we take care of the positioning of the brands, meeting the expectations of our suppliers. We have a competitive advantage in our sales force.

Focus on clothing

+ 100 employees to perform a quality work

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